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Well, if you do not mind a detailed summary, then go ahead and read what's below. If you do not want to read such a detailed summary, then please hit the back button on your browser.

The anime starts off with a video footage of Dick Saucer easily killing some cactus-like creature. After the opening credits, the morning starts off like any other with a fight between Red Lightning and a big red dragon. Just as Red Lightning is about to strike the dragon, Mink punches him and tells her father and mother if they want to fight to go outside. The dragon turns into a human (of sorts) while she is saying that. An argument goes on between Mink and her father over the fact of Mink watching that "Sausage" guy all morning. She states that Dick Saucer is a shining moon compared to the garbage that is her father. Her father says that Red Lightning (himself) had never been defeated which reminds Mink of the show she had recorded earlier that morning. It, of course, was a show who had Dick Saucer as a special guest. We leave the scene with Mink's father wanting Dick Saucer dead.

The next scene we see is the king talking about Ruth, a knight that he had sent to git rid of the red dragon. Instead, Ruth had fallen in love with the dragon and had married her instead. So now he wanted to get rid of Ruth so he could marry his wife. Rosario makes an appearance (we see the smoke coming from a bucket of dry ice) and tells him that he has a plan to get Ruth's daughter. As he leaves, he picks up the bucket.

Next we see Mink greeting her friends, Lufa and Pia, in their small village. Pia says that her father when he went into town had picked up the newest Dick Saucer cd. She suggests that they listen to it but Mink says that they have to gather food, so they decide to listen to it later.

She ponders over how to go to the concert when she sees two deserted tickets lying on the ground. Mink goes excitedly after them, but she then decides that some girl would be sad to lose her tickets so she leaves them there. Rosario, angry that his trap didn't work, prepares a dart. He screws up slightly on shooting, sucking in instead of blowing, and then darts her. She falls flat on her face and Rosario runs up triumphantly and shoots two more darts into her.

Next, we see the King complaining that three darts was too much. Rosario tells him that they could still use the body for bait and the kings says happily that he'll get his wife. When she awakes, the king asks if girls can live through three poison darts now days. They give her a fake Dick Saucer concert ticket to keep her from killing them. When she tries to redeem the ticket, she finds out that it is a fake. While denouncing the person who gave it to her, Princess Vina overhears and then tells Mink who she is, the daughter of the king. For demeaning the king, Vina summons a golem to finish off Mink but somehow the golem punches Mink into the dressing room of Dick Saucer. Mink quickly gets off of Saucer and writes him a little innocent note which quickly gets toasted by Vina. Vina remarks the fact that Dick Saucer is a famous dragon slayer as well as an idol and he would not like a girl that had a tail and wings. Almost in tears, Mink runs off, demolishing the golem by running into it. Back at her home, Lufa tells her about the legend of the people potion. They agree to go get it.

The King gets Damaramu to go after Mink. Although Damaramu threatens to go home because he would not babysit a girl, he is prodded into going when he hears that she is a red dragon. He calls for his flying bird and set off about his quest. He then comes back and asks how to find her.

Meanwhile, you see Vina standing at a window and proclaming that she is a slime-half. Of course, we next get to learn the background of her and the real story behind the legend. It turns out to be that her mother, Venus, was a slime that had fallen in love with the king. So, unable to ignore her feelings, she stole the mayor's secret people potion. She drinks it and become human (sans clothes. Slimes don't have to wear clothes). Soon after her and the king get married and all is happy. Until... a baby's cry sounds through the castle. The king runs happily to the nursemaid to find out what the child is. The nursemaid replies that it looks a lot like him and pulls the cover off to show him a pink slime. The shock causes him to lose his last hair. *gasp* Venus is just as shocked senseless. Vina says her mother is now among the stars. Next we see Vina training hard. Her greatest triumph was when she was able to assume a human form. As she denounces Mink again, her father comes in and says to leave Mink to him. She throws a fireball at him causing him to duck in fear. She laughs at his fear. Then the king points out that she has a hole in her pants and then uses his "Ye King's Anger" on her. She turns into a slime and then tries to suffocate him.

Next we see Mink, Lufa, and Pia crossing a river. Mink tells Lufa that if she would tell her where the People potion was, she would go get it herself. Lufa replies that she would not just be spare baggage as she had brought her family's Lightning Cane. She gives a small demostration but instead zaps herself. Mink then asks Pia why she was there and Pia replies that she would be good spare baggage. A singed Lufa walks over to them and tells Pia that she would not babysit her. She kicks Mappy, Pia's mouse, saying Mappy too. Mappy turns into this 8 foot menancing creature (funny as hell to watch that) and growls at a frightened Lufa. Pia tells them not to make Mappy mad and that she would be protected by Mappy.

Damaramu notices that he is hungry and says that he hadn't eaten in two weeks. Hungry, he notices Pia and Mappy crossing in front of him. He demands Mappy for his food and Pia tells him no. Mink comes in and gives a good hit to his head. "Wench! From that mighty blow, Damaramu has lost 100,000 brain cells from my mighty brain." (Or something of that sort.) They get into a fight where Lufa tries to help using her Lightning Cane again. It zaps Mink. She has a harder time avoiding Damaramu's blows after that and he calls in Roshi, his flying bird. Mappy comes to the rescue and Damaramu's sword flies out of his hand and into his head. Exclaiming that he would have gotten three meals a day as a promotion for bringing in Mink, he falls to the ground, supposedly dead. Mink looks up at Roshi. Next we see, a humongous bird is being roasted over a fire with the four (including Mappy! Carnivorous mouse!) eating.

Dick Saucer, the famous idol and dragon slayer, is told by the king of a red dragon in the area. Excited, he sets out after it. Mink giggles and tells the others that she has a feeling that something good will happen to her. The narrator tells us that Mink is a bad fortune teller.

Episode two will be forthcoming.

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