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[A cute sd shot of the main crew.]Bakuretsu Hunters[A transformed Carrot]

Manga Scans III

These are scans off of the third manga of the series. Sorry about the scans
being a little lopsided. The manga wasn't cooperating.

The cover for the third volume.

And the lovely inside color picture. I wonder why Carrot and Chocolate are like that.

The funny cover picture for Story 13. Poor Carrot and Marron. ^_^;;

And what we saw last page (and volume) continued. Tira is pushed out
the way of a blast of magic by Carrot who promptly turning into his beast-like form.

And somehow, Carrot manages to transform after being in his
beast form into this lion like creature. Mirufi grabs the book.

This is Mirufi's true form, a Haz knight who serves Big Momma. Sugoi!

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