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Yes, this is where my pages, which used to reside on's server, are going to be moving to. They
will be moving here this weekend.  Hopefully, I can do some updating and pruning at the same time.  As
for why are they moving here? Well, please read the notice below.

 IMPORTANT NOTICE: On December 5th, Dragonfire will be shutting down all their accounts.
Of couse this means I will have to look into getting another space for my webpages.  I am currently
looking at Dreamhaven's services since they are similar to what Dragonfire used to host (providing they
aren't shutting down as well).  But, if anyone has a good webhosting service to suggest, please e-mail
me at

What I'm basically looking for:

I will try my best to find a new space and put the new URL here before the 5th.  However, with school
ending and finals approaching, it will be tough.

For the meantime, watch both this page and the one below as I will announce at both places (if this
page is still up) where I am moving to.


(note: the old, old homepage is still up there but will be updated later today)

UPDATE 11/29/00:  For the meantime, since Tripod added a ton of space to their member's accounts,
my webpages will be based there.  (Wonder when they did that?) I, unforunately, have a test on Thursday
and a paper due Friday, so I really can't start the move over until Saturday.  The search is still on for another
service, so please deal with the advertising for the mean time.  Thank you. ^_^

Comments, questions, want to recommend a RPG...?  E-mail me at

last modified: 11/29/00