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The Dragon Half manga consists of 65 chapters spread across seven volumes. The two anime episodes were made from elements in the first manga. The manga, which is a parody on the 'Dungeon and Dragons' genre, tells the adventures of a dragon-half named Mink in her search of the Pido potion, which can turn anybody into a human. A guide to the series can be found here.

Here's the ISBN numbers for the seven Japanese volumes:

The Dragon Half Manga

Volume 1 ISBN4-8291-8304-7 900 ¥ (Fujimi Fantasia comics)
Volume 2 ISBN4-8291-8309-8 900 ¥ (Fujimi Fantasia comics)
Volume 3 ISBN4-8291-8313-6 900 ¥ (Fujimi Fantasia comics)
Volume 4 ISBN4-8291-8320-9 900 ¥ (Fujimi Fantasia comics)
Volume 5 ISBN4-8291-8331-4 900 ¥ (Fujimi Fantasia comics)
Volume 6 ISBN4-8291-8342-X 900 ¥ (Fujimi Fantasia comics)
Volume 7 ISBN4-8291-8343-8 900 ¥ (Fujimi Fantasia comics)

There seems to be a re-release of the manga but in compiled form. The Dragon Half Trilogy has three books released but I have no idea what they are. If you have any infomation about them, please email me and tell me. The page that I got the ISBN numbers from say they are re-editions of the manga with with illustration galleries. Sounds pretty cool since the originals are a little hard to find.

The Dragon Half Trilogy

Trilogy Volume 1 ISBN4-0471-2147-9 1200 ¥ (Kadokawa Comics Dragon Jr.)
Trilogy Volume 2 ISBN4-04-712151-7 1200 ¥ (Kadokawa Comics Dragon Jr.)
Trilogy Volume 3 ISBN4-04-712161-47 1200 ¥ (Kadokawa Comics Dragon Jr.)

I'll add the ordering numbers for the Spanish version as soon as I find them.

There are only two OVAs of Dragon Half, available subtitled only from A.D. Vision. The OVAs are about thirty minutes a piece and there are only two. The animation is fun to watch as they switches from SD to partly SD and full figured. The first episode introduces Mink and her friends and the rest of the cast. Mink is a normal teenager, if you can call a tail, wings, and horns normal, who has a humoungous crush on Dick Saucer, an idol singer and dragon slayer. After a run-in with Vina, the king's daughter, and Dick Saucer himself, Mink goes on a quest to find the People Potion. The potion can make any person into human. The second episode consists mainly of a big fighting tournament in which Mink enters to get the prize money so that she can go on a flight. Too bad that there are not any more episodes after this one.

Dragon Half OVAs


Available as




VHS Subtitled $29.95 Approx. 55 minutes A.D. Vision


There are a few sounds available from the anime over the internet, including that insane ending "Watashi no Tamagoyaki" (My Omelette). I have not downloaded from them so I do not know if they are available or not. Try at your own risk.


I didn't think there were movies available of Dragon Half but a webpage or two proved me wrong. As with the sounds, I have not downloaded from them so I do not know if they are available or not. Try at your own risk. There are a multitude of movs at Dragon Half Anime Movie & Picture Archive.

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